Jerkins Pest Control                   "We Exceed Our Clients Expectations."
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About Us
At JPCC Our Goal Is A Satisfied Customer!

Jerkins Pest Control Company is a locally owned and operated company with a team of Experienced, Certified, Licensed and Insured*  Texas Pest Management professionals serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex since 1981.

Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge in the biological behavior and lifecycle of insects and their control.

 JPCC has developed an Integrated Pest Management Program which is environmentally friendly for interior and exterior use.    

 JPCC has developed an "Intergrate Pest Management Program"which is environmentally friend for interior and exterior use. Additionally, one of our specialities is the use of non-toxic chemicals.

                                        Insured General Liability  $1,000,000                       
                                       Licensed Pest Control Company TPC7808
                                        Licensed Pest Control Control Applicator 25394PT


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